About us

The power of cooperation and craftmanship always leads to the best solution for the costumer!

Company Profile

About 24 people work at Trafa. Trafa has an open company culture and few organizational layers. Our employees are dedicated to the corporation, there are not many changes of personnel which benefits the communication and relationship with customers and our suppliers,

Trafa was founded in 1912.

100 Years of experience makes Trafa a reliable and valued manufacturer of transformers, choke-coils and rectifiers.

These are meant for light and heavy industry rangeing from small appliances to big applications. Trafa is known for their high quality products, high service level, possibility to build in accordance with the requirements approved by Lloyd’s, Bureau Veritas, ABS and others, and for their flexible custom made solutions for low-, medium-, and high voltage as well as custom-made products.

Trafa has the ability to offer quotes within a short period of time and to produce and deliver an order with great speed.

This is - among other things - possible due to our own core cutting machine and to our calculation program, which shows us alternative options if some of the material is not available, or not in stock.

Since september 2011 Trafa is certified by Lloyd’s for ISO9001.

Company history

For many years Trafa is specialized in the development, producing and sales of transformers, choke coils and rectifiers.

The history goes back to 1912 when the company was established in Rotterdam under the name REAF. Unfortunately the premises at the Tweede Weenastraat was completely destroyed in the Second World War bombing raid. Like many other important buildings the Chamber of Commerce was also devastated which makes it impossible to trace the exact founding date.  During the war the company was located in a temporary building on the Coolhaven.

After the war, a new residence was built in the Jufferstraat. After traveling around in Rotterdam, the company moved to Etten Leur in 1961 and changed the name in  B.V. “Transformatoren- en Apparatenfabriek Trafa”  The brand name REAF remained the same.

In honour of its 60th anniversary REAF gave their staff a gift, a vase stated REAF 1912-1972, which shows the establishment in 1912.

In 1977 Transformatoren- en apparatenfabriek Trafa took over a small winding company in Lanaken (Belgium)  where different products like transformers, coils and ballasts were produced under the brand name TRAVOPA. Later on the product range was extended with RESITRA medium and high voltage transformers by the acquisition of the cast resin transformer factory from the HOLEC group.

As a result of a management buy-out in 2003 the company name changed into TRAFA B.V. From that moment on all products carry the brand name TRAFA.

Transformer types formerly produced by brand names like REAF, RESITRA and TRAVOPA can still be manufactured, or a good alternative can be offered.

A new facility was built at the Tussendonk in Etten Leur. Since 2009 this is our home base.

The power of cooperation and craftmanship always leads to the best solution for the costumer!